Winter home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

winter home staging tips

5 Ways to welcome prospective buyers into your home this winter

Winter is often a hard time to sell a home. With typically fewer buyers looking, your home needs to stand out and make a great first impression. Here are five winter home staging tips that can help you liven up your home for showings during the cold months of January and February:

The weather outside may be frightful, but to sell your home, you need to make it delightful.

Welcoming Winter Wreath

Nothing welcomes a visitor more than the front-door entrance. So make sure prospective buyers are wowed by your first impression when they enter the home. While you may have taken down your holiday wreath, put a neutral, winter wreath on display to add a little interest to your front door.

This winter wreath will give visitors a positive feeling when they enter your home.

The Glow of Candlelight

Nothing says homey like a flickering candle. To give off that hygge vibe in the main areas of your home, add some ambient lighting through the use of candles or even vases filled with fairy lights. You can leave these on during the day for added ambiance during showings. Make sure to pick a neutral scent for your candle so as to not detract buyers (vanilla is a safe bet). Be sure to have your listing agent blow out candles after the showing, or use LED candle lights instead. Many LED candle options look very realistic.

winter home staging tips - candle light and fresh flowers
Candles are a great way to decorate tables and entryways, as well as kitchens and bathrooms, and to neutralize odors during staging.

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winter Blankets and throw pillows

To add a little character and warmth to your living and family room areas, consider adding cozy throw pillows and blankets in winter hues, such as blues, grays and whites. Drape your blankets across the couch or fold them nicely along the side of your armrests. A storage basket filled with blankets also screams winter cozy. Presenting your home as an inviting haven will attract buyers and help them visualize how comfortable they could be in your spaces.

winter home staging tips: cozy blankets and pillows
Winter blankets and throws like these add a touch of character and charm to a family room. Of course, please secure your pets during a home tour. 🙂

Inviting Smells: Staged to Sell

Real estate agents love to recommend having freshly baked goods on-site during an open house. Not only is the smell of freshly-baked cookies welcoming, but they help to mask odors AND they also taste delicious! But I’m suggesting to take your baked goods to the next level. Why not style them into your space? Put your cookies on an elegant, tiered tray. Stage your muffins on a tray with a cup of hot tea and fresh flowers. How inviting would that be to prospective buyers?

winter home staging tips: style your baked goods
This display takes staging to the next level by putting baked goods on display in an elegant fashion.
Keep quick muffin mix in your pantry so it’s handy for when you have a showing.
This stylish hexagon tray will look great with your styled baked goods.
These battery-operated LED candles can even operate on a timer.

Mood Music to put them in the mood for buying a home

Music can set the stage for a perfect home showing because it adds to the overall feeling. So set your speakers to play classical or easy listening or relaxing music during a home showing to put prospective buyers in a great mood. Keep the music on a low setting so as not to distract from conversations. Your Alexa or Google Home speakers would work perfectly in this setting, and you can even automate these speakers to play the same music throughout the home.

Set your smart speakers to play relaxing music during your home showings to add to the ambiance.

Weren’t These Easy Winter Home Staging Tips?

I hope you enjoyed my staging tips. These five winter home staging tips are super easy ways you can transform your home in a jiffy for home showings. As always, contact me if you’re interested in having me come to your home to prepare it for a new listing, or if you are a real estate agent looking for an Indiana home staging company. Best of luck with your home sale!

Ready to sell faster and for top dollar?

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Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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