5 Unexpected Places to Find Great Home Decor

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Find great home decor - unusual places

In the quest to find great home decor accessories, sometimes you must go off the beaten path. Here are five places that you may not have thought to look, but have been a good source for me to find unique home accessories and decor items:

Find Great Home Decor at Grocery Stores:

My local grocery stores (which consist of Walmart and Kroger at the moment), are pretty decent sources for home accessory items. At Kroger, I find a variety of fresh floral bouquets and stems to make my own arrangements at a decent price (usually between $4-6 a bunch). Also, I look out for Manager’s Specials, which allow me to grab day- or week-old blooms for a fraction of the price. In addition, there are often a few sections of the store which feature home accessory items. At my local Kroger, they always have a decent holiday section of themed décor to go along with the season (whether it’s Easter or Halloween). In addition, near the kitchen supply area, they also have a lot of dishware and other cute seasonal items. Often, I can find these items on sale for 25-50 percent off or more. Plus, they are unique pieces that I typically don’t see in a boutiques or other home stores. 

Moving on to Walmart…Walmart has stepped up their game in home décor. Not only have they added their modern furniture line to their online repertoire, they always have a seasonal décor section that always seems to spark my interest. Check back after a holiday, and you’ll find new items to browse and buy. And the best part is that prices are generally affordable.

Kroger grocery store home decor - Valentine's day display

The centerpiece of this Valentine tablescape display was created using flowers and a Kissing Booth sign from my local grocery store, Kroger.

Home Decor at Garden Centers

I was surprised to find that my local garden centers have a lot of cute, little finds for home decoration. Home décor just kind of goes with the outdoor space. While many of the items I found at my local garden center are meant to use outdoors, many of the attached boutiques featured items like throw pillows, fairy garden accessories, kitchen gadgets and more. These are typically personally-curated items that you won’t find anywhere else. However, prices tend to be a little higher at these locations than at your local grocery store. Keep this in mind as you select a unique item for your home. Finally, bringing the outside-in is trendy right now, so shop your local garden center for some unique items to add to the mix in your home.

Find great home decor when you check out your local garden center to find great home decoration

Unique items can be found at your local garden center, like these fun, metal flamingos, floor mats, and wall art.

Dollar Stores:

Okay, this one might seem obvious, but I really do like to shop for my home décor items at my local Dollar Tree and sometimes Dollar General. These places have surprisingly cute finds, if you know what to look for. Seasonal and holiday items abound in dollar stores, but shop in advance of the season for the best selection. Another category I love to buy at dollar stores is kitchen and tableware. Dollar tree has excellent glassware, colored plates and chargers, placemats and more – all for $1. Finally, dollar stores have affordable and attractive-looking storage solutions, such as fabric and plastic bins, lidded jars, and more. So don’t overlook your local dollar store, just because the items are a dollar. You’ll find tons of good-quality things there and you can’t beat the price.

Dollar tree floral arrangements

The white flowers from this display were found at my local Dollar Tree.

Party Supply Stores: 

Now this recommendation is a bit of a stretch, but honestly you can find some great items at your local or online party supply store. For me, this includes Party City locally, and Oriental trading online. Because these stores focus on entertaining, it stands to reason that they would have some options for home décor items. I have found lots of seasonal and holiday items for very reasonable prices. If you are willing to shop off-season, you can even find some great clearance items (see my clearance challenge for more clearance fun).

Consider Bookstores:

Everyone knows that books are great for styling. But that’s not why bookstores made my list of unexpected places to find home décor. Now, hear me out here. Thinking of my local Barnes and Noble and Books a Million, they have a great selection of gift items, many of which could be used in home décor. Some ideas include tea sets, stationery, candles, children’s toys, games and office supplies. Again, these are often items that you wouldn’t necessarily see elsewhere, which makes them unique enough to consider. Look for deals on items by the register or gift section of your local book store (and while you’re at it, buy a few books! )

Where will you find new home decor?

So did your favorite place make the list? What would you add to this list of favorite but non-traditional places to find home décor? I look forward to hearing your ideas! Happy Shopping. 🙂 

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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Find great home decor - unusual places

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