Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Week 5: Home Office Redesign

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Week 4 of the One Room Challenge Fall 2018 series, sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens, has been a doozy for me. If you’ve been following along, I’m redecorating my home office. (To see my progress, check out my blogs about week 1 and week 2 and week 3). And check out the 20 featured designers at the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Blog Now on to my progress (which was not much):

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

One Room Challenge while On Vacation?

When the One Room Challenge is on, and you have a planned vacation, well, you bring your work with you on vacation! We went to Daytona Beach, Florida, where my in-laws have a condo and let us stay. We ate tons of seafood, looked for shells and watched the glorious sunsets. We slept in and watched TV and had no commitments, and it was a-mazing. I spent a lot of time on my laptop (with great views of the beach of course) browsing Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock and other online stores with office furniture. This was my view, in case you were wondering:

one room challenge while on vacation fall 2018

Not too shabby, eh? As you can tell, it was a very gloomy, rainy day at Daytona Beach, Florida, which made it that much easier for me to shop on my computer for the One Room Challenge!

ORC week 4 home office vacation

This was one of the many, beautiful sunsets we witnessed on the trip. While the rest of the country was experiencing Fall leaves changes, this is the beauty of Florida. You can see why I am drawn to color in my designs. Perhaps one of these photos needs to be framed for my office?

Planning out the Space for my Home Office

During the week, I also messed around with some room planning software. I used planyourroom.com which worked fine, but I had trouble saving my room design. I need to invest in a software solution, but that is a project for another day. Here is the preliminary space plan for my home office as of the One Room Challenge Week 4:

One room challenge week 4

Not sure if you can tell where all of my furniture will go, but this is the basic layout, which I’ll explain in a bit. Some of the measurements are a little off, but it’s close to what I will have.

Selecting furniture to fit in the Office

As you can see from the line drawing, the room is a rather odd shape. the blue lines represent the two windows, which are not even centered to the room. Then there is the nook area off to the right. I think this would be a great little crafting station, but I am struggling with finding pieces to fit, as well as what to do with my bulky, three-in-one printer. The sofa bed only fits on the left. The TV and a large storage console will be on the right. My desk will be somewhere in the middle with an area rug to anchor the space. Somehow I need to find storage for files, books and supplies. Whew!

Some of My Office Furniture Options:

Rather than tell you that I’ve made a decision yet on anything (I haven’t), I’ll just show you some of the pieces I’m still considering. Here is my Ideas Board on Wayfair. Wayfair is cool in that they let you save things you love to an idea board to come back and purchase later. 

Wayfair One Room Challenge office furniture selection

Here are just a few of my furniture and storage options from Wayfair. A few of them are contenders, especially the bookcases and the white sideboards. I will be back to select soon!

ORC week 4 office furniture find

Here are a few things from my Amazon wish list, although I didn’t save many pieces of furniture to this list. I loved the floating bookshelf and the storage cabinet.

A Fun and Colorful Project

I will end this week’s post with a fun project I plan to complete for the walls above my sofa bed. This came to me while browsing the aisles at Target. And of course, Pinterest had tons of ideas on how to make this happen. I found the scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby, which will coordinate perfectly with my colorful accessories. I plan to spell out my business name, Color Joy Interiors. As you can see, the gray walls will not stay bland for long. It took me some time to plan out all of these patterns to match. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Color Joy wall art - ORC week 4

I plan to use these scrapbook papers and Mod-Podge them to the letters to spell out the name of my Indianapolis interior decorating company, Color Joy Interiors.

One Room Challenge Week 4: Not Much Progress

So overall, I didn’t accomplish much during week 4 of the one room challenge. However, I will have much more time this week, now that the kids are back in school after Fall Break, to focus on this room. Stay tuned as I will be ordering furniture this week! Wish me luck! Remember, this is how the room looked after painting:

Office paint color - Repose Gray - Southern Gray Oak flooring by Pergo

This is what the new room looks like now after One Room Challenge Week 4: With my new paint color – Repose Gray and Southern Gray Oak flooring by Pergo. A  perfect blank slate for all of my new furniture to come! Now here’s to finding furniture that fits and is functional and fun!

One Room Challenge Week 4: Next Steps: Buying the Furniture and Assembling

While I may not have all the furniture in hand by next week’s post, I definitely will have to have it all ordered in order to complete this challenge. I’m really under the wire now. Do you think I can do it? Any suggestions? Feel free to comment below! See you next week!

One Room Challenge Guest ParticipantInsert Image

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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