Interior Color Personality

Your Interior Color Personality

Do you have an Interior Color Personality? Does it Reflect in your Home?

I love to decorate in color. In fact, when I select furnishings and decor for the rooms in my house, certain colors tend to evoke feelings of joy or peacefulness. Is it the same with you? I believe our homes should make us feel happy and comfortable. The colors we choose for our walls, our furniture and accessories can make an impact on the vibe our home gives. Afterward, how do we determine the right colors to use in our home? Well, I have a solution.

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To respond to this question, I’ve created a special, downloadable workbook, free with your subscription to my bi-monthly newsletter. This resource will help you find your interior design color personality, and examine what colors you’re drawn to in a space. In addition, you’ll learn some of the meaning that these colors evoke. Next, you’ll learn how you can incorporate your favorite colors in your home. To get the report, simply enter your name and email in the form below, and the link will arrive in your inbox shortly. 

Download the Interior Color Report Below:

When you finish reading the report, I’d love to hear your feedback. Afterward, shoot me an email with your findings, and I may feature them here! If you need help discovering your interior design color style, or incorporating colors into your home, contact me for details on our in-home design or e-design services. Enjoy your new world of color!

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What’s Your Color Personality?

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Susan Young – Color Joy Interiors

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