Home Staging Tips to sell Your home Fast

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Indianapolis Home Staging Expert Reveals Dos and Don’ts to Sell your home fast

At the time of this writing, the Indianapolis real estate market was pretty strong, and homes continue to sell at a rapid pace. However, you can’t always rely on a hot real estate market to sell your home fast. In addition, it’s important not only to sell your home quickly, but to maximize your selling price so that you recoup its value, as well as the investment you’ve made in the property since you purchased the home. So today, I’m going to give you a little advice that will give your home an edge over your neighbor’s property when it comes time to list it. 

Subtle color addition makes this otherwise bland room a little more personality
Staging your home could give it that extra something that pushes buyers to consider your property over a neighbors’.

A Different Type of De-cluttering

We’ve all heard this tip before, but I’m taking it to the next level. Everyone has too much “stuff.” When you’re living in your house, you don’t notice it, but guess what? Your buyers do! So I’m proposing you do more than just straightening up your things. You need to actually pack it up and store it, sell it or get rid of it. Yes, I’m talking about your collection of Precious Moments figurines, your kids’ school pictures, your grandma’s handmade doilies on the coffee table, and for the love of Pete — all of your refrigerator magnets. Use this as an opportunity to pare down what you have, and get rid of what you don’t need or like anymore (as Marie Kondo’s famous book says, what doesn’t “spark joy”). Trust me, you’ll feel much better after this exercise. 

A word of caution about this tip: please don’t remove everything from your home. I’ve seen this too in several Indianapolis homes for sale, and it removes too much of the personality from the room. We’ll get to that later. 

staged guest  bathroom with cohesive look and color scheme
A clean and fresh bathroom, even if it’s not updated completely, shows better than a neglected one. Small changes like updating knobs and faucets and framing out the mirror, as in this bathroom, can make a big difference.

Just because it’s Your style Doesn’t mean it’s Everyone’s Style

In homes here in Indianapolis, the current trend is neutral farmhouse decor. While a neutral color palette is great for staging your home to sell, not everyone loves farmhouse style. Therefore, when decorating to sell your home fast, try to keep the style neutral as well to appeal to the majority of buyers. In other words, a rooster wallpaper border in the kitchen might be a little too much, but a nice, neutral kitchen with a small rooster figurine might be okay. Alternatively, if your preferred style is ultra modern or bohemian, try to dial down the decor a bit for staging purposes. [See tip #1 about editing your things]. 

Color is okay in Small Doses

One of the common mistakes I see homeowners make when getting their homes ready to sell is when they are choosing paint colors. While neutralizing your home’s paint scheme can help to make your home more marketable, sometimes homeowners forget about the powerful impact of color in a room. Simply changing the walls to white, beige or gray could be a mistake. All I can say here is that if you have an accent wall in a room, it might be okay to leave it as-is. Sometimes this can provide a great focal point. 

Paint on a wall can help accentuate some furniture, distract your eyes away from a defect. It can even make a room seem more dramatic, cheery or fun. Use your best judgment here when deciding to repaint and neutralize a color on a wall. Don’t go too extreme on a particular color, and remember to keep all type of buyers in mind. If you want to go neutral, use color in accent pieces such as throw pillows, artwork and bedding to give your rooms that extra something. This added decorator’s touch will help you to sell your home fast. Another tip is to pick an accent color and use it throughout the home when staging it to make the home look cohesive and put together.

staged laundry room - paint color
Teal paint in this otherwise bland laundry room gives the room pop. Adding colorful accessories adds to the charm of this functional space.

Maximizing Flow and functionality in a Room

When staging to sell your home fast, think about how your room functions. Is it an entertaining space? If so, think about how to enhance the assets of the room, by creating cozy sitting areas or maximizing TV viewing. On another note, please pay attention to traffic flow. By that, I mean walkways and pass-throughs. You don’t want to block the flow on the room with too much furniture, or too bulky of furniture. So look for ways, again, to edit what you have. Will a smaller dining room table or couch work better in the room? Look around for other pieces of furniture in your home which could be moved into a different spot. Remember, this is just a temporary placement to maximize each room’s potential in order to sell your home fast. 

Adding the Finishing Touches to sell your home fast

As I mentioned in the previous tips, staging your home to sell doesn’t mean to strip every item of furniture out of the house and paint the walls white. Remember that potential buyers need to try to visualize themselves living in the home. So your job is to paint that picture for them through your staging and design. This tip requires a little more of a creative eye. Some people don’t have that creativity, so in this case they should elicit the help of a professional home stager like Color Joy Interiors to put the finishing touches on the home. Starting with the curb appeal, and ending with those special items such as fresh linens and flowers, add small decor and design pieces to enhance the style of the home. Make sure you do this without going over the top or adding too much clutter, as we mentioned before.  

staged home to sell fast - fresh flowers
Finishing touches, such as this vase of flowers at the entryway, can give your home a welcoming appeal.

Sell Your Home Fast – For Top Dollar

One of the reasons I recommend home staging to all homeowners is because anyone can sell their home in a hot market. That’s why many real estate agents don’t even bother recommending home staging to their clients before a listing. Agents can make the sale in a hot market, and get their commission either way. But the only variable — which makes it more advantageous to the seller — is the asking price. That’s where staging can make a big difference between selling your home fast — and making you a huge profit. 

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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