7 Home Office Space Ideas (Plus One Bonus)

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home office spaces

With the United States’ stay at home order this Spring, many families scrambled to find new places to work or study from home. Some were lucky enough to have a home office space in place before schools and workplaces were shut down. Others used kitchen tables or side tables as makeshift work areas.

Seven Places to Put a Home Office Space

Creating a home office space doesn’t have to be difficult. For those still seeking a spot for working from home effectively, here are seven places to put a home office that you may not have considered:

1) Bedroom Corner Office Space

The bedroom is often a quiet spot for reading and relaxing. Use a corner spot and add an upholstered chair with a side table and gain an instant workspace.

Bedroom corner home office space idea
This corner office works just fine to place a laptop and even has a window view.

2) Vanity or Sewing Table as Makeshift Home Office Space

If you have a vanity or a sewing table in your home, it can double as a desk area for anyone. Simply add a laptop and some desk supplies and go!

Vanity sewing table desk idea
This corner sewing table / vanity can serve as a desk too in a pinch. Simply add office supplies and get to work.

3) Sofa Table Workspace

A sofa table could work in a pinch as a workspace area. A table without a shelf on the bottom works best so you can put your legs or a chair underneath the area. Many people have sofa tables along a wall, or directly behind the couch, so adding a chair would be a simple solution.

Sofa table makeshift office area
Two or three students could sit side-by-side and work comfortably on e-Learning at this behind-the-sofa table. Just be sure to keep the TV off!

4) Entryway Work Space

An entryway area could work as an extra workspace for a child or anyone who needs to study or concentrate, assuming that you have a little extra space near your doorway. Here I have added a vintage desk and chair to a foyer and painted it a bold color. See my vintage desk makeover here.

Entryway desk area - creating a home office space
This desk area just off of the main entryway of the home works well as an extra place to work or study.

5) Dining Room / Kitchen Workspace:

Since you are probably not planning on inviting guests over for dinner anytime soon, the dining room or kitchen table is a perfectly acceptable place to work or study. Just make sure you protect your nice table from writing indentations with a good leather writing mat.  

kitchen table workspace
Here, a kitchen table would work well as a makeshift workspace (and is probably the most common work from home place)
These affordable desk pads protect surfaces underneath from scratches, stains and scuffs (click to see price).

6) Guest Room as Home Office Space

A guest room is the perfect place to add a writing desk or workspace. Many times, these areas have extra space for a small desk or table. Or simply convert your guest room into an office, like I have done with my home office renovation, adding a futon for overnight guests that doubles as a sitting area.

Spare bedroom office space - creating home offices
This spare bedroom works well as an office space, with additional seating for reading or lounging.

7) Basement Office Space:

Not using your basement for anything right now? Turn it into a makeshift work area with a desk and chair, like we did in this basement. An office space doesn’t have to be expansive — just room for a computer and some storage will work just fine, as in this basement office space.

Basement Office nook - creating a home office space
This basement desk fit in a corner by the water main line access, and functions well in the room as an extra workspace.

Creating Office Spaces Bonus Area: Lap Desk

If you really can’t fit an office or workspace in any of the above places, then work with what you have. Simply buy a laptop desk, and make any space in your home a work area – your bedroom, the family room or living room. I love lap desks because they work better than pillows to hold your laptop and mouse, as well as a spare pencil or pen.

Home Office Space - Lap desk - makes working from home much easier - anywhere you go.
Lap pads or lap desks are so comfortable you can sit on your bed and work. Kitty approved!
This colorful lap desk holds plenty of supplies and a laptop (Click to see price).

Work from home easier with a dedicated workspace

As you can see, thinking resourcefully will help you uncover hidden areas of your home for creating office spaces or homework stations. All you need is a seat and a writing surface, and you are ready to start working.

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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