Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Final Week: Home Office Design Reveal

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One Room Challenge final week home office reveal

One Room Challenge Final Week (6) of the Fall 2018 series, sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens has finally come to a close. I’m so excited to reveal to you my colorful and modern home office. It’s so refreshing to see the change from what it looked like before the renovation. Are you ready to see it?

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

The Final Home Office Reveal!

It was a hectic week of dance practice, dress rehearsals and performances, volunteering for a school event and even attending a funeral. Somehow, I managed to spend Sunday afternoon putting the room together and finalizing my home office, with the help of my handy husband. 

One Room Challenge Final Week - Home Office Design Reveal

I’m loving my colorful new home office – And I couldn’t have done it without One Room Challenge!

The Before Vs. the After

Just a reminder, here is what my home office looked like before the challenge. It was a great office. I just needed a change after 15 years. So I sold the old furniture, repainted the walls and make everything brighter and more lively, while still keeping the modern lines. 

One Room Challenge Before Picture

The Home Office Before the One Room Challenge

My Final Home Office Design Board

Again, you may remember my final design board from week 5. Here it is again for reference. It’s pretty close to the final reveal, as you can see:

Everything you see here is pretty much a part of the new room, aside from a few small things.

These are a Few of my Favorite Things…

I’m just going to leave you here to browse around at the room. And I’ll reveal some details about each element I chose in the photo caption:

colorful rug home office artwork color joy interiors

Here is the completed wall art image with the Weekends Only sofa bed. The patterns pick up all the colors of the area rug.

Colorful sequin table lamp

This colorful and glam light actually looks prettier when it’s not lit up, but will add some extra light to this corner of the room.

Teal and white mid century office desk

I loved this desk as soon as I saw it. I had wanted a white desk, but when I saw that this one had a mid-century look with the hairpin legs, AND it had teal elements, I was sold. The turquoise chair was one that I had purchased a year or two ago so I made it work in this room. I purchased the lamp from Wayfair and the trash can from Meijer. The teal curtains were from Walmart and the paper clip art work was from a yard sale. I’m still accessorizing my desk area.

Desk drawer organizers

Do you see how the desk drawers are teal inside? So cool! I picked up these pink and green drawer organizing bins at Michael’s on sale to store my extra office supplies.

DIY painted file cabinet

Did you notice my spray painted file cabinet? Just $4 worth of Rustoleum spray paint and this $15 thrifted file cabinet gets a brand new, colorful look. I just love how it picks up the colors of the rug and provides a nice accent color to the teal in the room.

Office nook printer floating shelves

This printer / storage nook turned out great. At the last minute. I picked up this white storage cabinet from Lowes and it worked perfectly to store all of my office and printing supplies. A $15 Habitat ReStore find is a perfect landing place for my large, 3-in-1 printer. I added some floating shelves from Lowes to give it a more styled feel in this functional corner nook.

DIY Globe renovation

Remember what this globe looked like before?

Mid century white TV stand

Check out what a can of spray paint did to transform my old globe! Also, I love the mid-mod lines of this storage buffet, which serves as a TV stand. I will likely mount the TV on the wall so that I’ll have extra space to style above the buffet. The wood panel drawer adds an interesting element. I may stain it to match the floor or paint it a color from my rug; which would look best?

Rolling office cart home office

I love this little $30 rolling cart from Michael’s in my favorite color! And I can’t wait to style this with all sorts of things! The closet door is closed because of quite a bit of organization to do!

One Room Challenge Budget Breakdown

So I was surprised at first at how much I ended up spending on this room. It’s really hard to purchase furniture for a good price. I am a budget-savvy person so it was hard for me to spend so much on a room, but I believe it was worth it in the end. Here were my estimated totals for the room, in order of the most expensive: 

Sideboard: $300Sofa Bed: $300​Desk: $220Bookshelf: $160Storage Cabinet: $150Paint: $100 plus $150 laborRug: $90Artwork: $50Sequin Lamp: $35Storage Cart: $30​Purple Desk Lamp: $27Curtains: $25Curtain Clips: $25Printer Table: $16File Cabinet: $15Storage Bins: $12Spray Paint: $6Trash Can: $5Minus Sold Furniture: ($550)———————————-Approximate Grand Total: $1200

Not bad for a whole new room!

One Room Challenge Final Week Reveal

 I am glad, in the end, that I decided to embark on this journey to transform my room in six, short weeks. Really, I don’t think I would have pushed myself as much to finish if I didn’t have the motivation of the challenge. Now I have a wonderfully decorated, inspiring room to create more designs! What did you think of my new, colorful home office? Leave me a comment below telling me your favorite part of the transformation. And when you’re done, go check out the other reveals on the One Room Challenge Blog! Good bye for now!

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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  1. Wow! What a colorful transformation! I love the colors you chose and I appreciate that you kept your project budget-friendly. Thank you for sharing your vision and finished product with us! Well-done!

  2. This turned out fantastic! I love the mid-mod vibe. That bookshelf is AWESOME and I need one! Where is it from? I didn’t see that particular item sourced anywhere. Phenomenal job on the entire room!

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