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Dollar General Christmas decor
Decorating on a Budget

Budget Christmas Decorating: Clearance Challenge

Out of money for Christmas decorating? Come with me to the clearance section for my top shelf clearance challenge! See how I created several rooms’ worth of Christmas decor for under $15! You won’t believe your eyes…

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6 Ways to decorate a mini pumpkin
Decorating on a Budget

6 Ways to Decorate a Mini Pumpkin

I decorated six mini pumpkins using paint, yarn and a few other supplies I had on hand. Try a few of these techniques for some no-sew, mini pumpkin decorating ideas.

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Dollar Store DIY Fall Wreath Ideas Tutorials
Decorating on a Budget

DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath Tutorial

I created this colorful, Fall wreath using supplies that cost me only $12. Learn how you can make a beautiful entrance using dollar store supplies and 30 minutes of your time.

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Recycled Design Flower Pot
DIY and Crafting

Recycled Art: Old Materials Bring New Life into Your Home

In my blog post about organized design, I talked about reducing clutter by streamlining your home and life. However, In the process of editing your possessions, you may find that you can recycle some of these items into something beautiful for your home (or to give as a great gift). I recently took on this recycled design challenge with a few items I found in my home, with the help of ideas from Pinterest.

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