2019 Home Color Trends

By Susan Young | Color Joy

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For 12 months, 20 global stylists research the trends and influences on color. From our moods to our lifestyles and needs, the PPG Paints color team came together and arrived at the same conclusion about the 2019 home color trends. And that this year's Color of the Year would be...


2019 Color of the Year: Night Watch (PPG 1145-7)

Back in August, I attended a designer luncheon at the Indiana Design Center. At the seminar, Ruthanne Hanlon, National Color and Design manager for PPG Paints, spoke to Indianapolis interior designers and decorators. She talked about the evolution and transition to the 2019 color of the year, Night Watch, from the 2018 color, Black Flame (PPG 1043-7). I would describe this year's color as a deep, emerald green or a dark teal. This new color moves toward a more natural theme. It represents a rebirth and a "rising from the ashes" of 2018 as we begin a new trend in optimism and biophilic design.

2019 home color trends - color of the year - Night Watch

As Hanlon explained, the near-black color of last year represented the void and escape we have been experiencing in this age of technology and overwhelm. The natural and green movement has been plagued over the years with natural disasters. Other influences of the previous color choice include the fear of automation taking over our lives and a rebellious political climate. However, in 2019, we see  an emergence of trends: The new green movement represents rebirth and optimism, feminine strength and hyper systems. In addition, the new biophilia trend is greatly influencing design. This reference to nature in design has emerged from our more natural way of living. Examples include the popularity of "living walls" to our green building standards and the emergence of urban green spaces.

2019 home color trends - biophilia

We Are: Influences of the Color of the Year

With the color of the year, Night Watch, we see a colorful persona emerging in interior design. These interiors will tend to look happier and more vibrant, and perhaps with less of an "edge." To complete the global color palette, we'll see pairing of colors like Night Watch with warm neutrals. However, we also see brighter and colorful accents and color blocks. To emphasize the natural elements, wood will remain a popular choice for accent colors or accessories. Secondly, metals, velvet and lacquered pieces will add a touch of elegance and glamour to spaces. Finally, artisan and hand-crafted pieces will offer classic timelessness to the spaces.

Color of the Year - Night Watch - Gold Accents

2019 Home Color Trends -- Sample Color Palettes

How should you incorporate this year's 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch, into your home's interior design? Well, you could paint your wall, an accent wall or even a trim with the color of the year. This would add a bold, dramatic look that resembles a neutral black. However, you can still use the color in small ways. PPG Paints pairs Night Watch with a variety of neutrals and gem-toned, vibrant colors. Here are a few combinations that might suit your home, and to get you inspired:

Neutral and accent colors that coordinate with Night Watch

Family Room Design Using 2019 Colors 

Before the color of the year was chosen, I was already drawn to similar colors when decorating my home. Currently, my family room consists of earth tones of brown, tan, black and gray. My accent color is a green/blue (similar to the color of the year, Night Watch). For example, check out the mood board I created for my family room design:

2019 Color Trends in Home Design

Family Room Design - 2019 Home Color Trends

As you can see, my room features several accent colors. For example, the teal accent pillows and blankets, the aqua blue from the rug, and the blue glass in the fireplace surround.

2019 home color trends - family room
family room design - 2019 color trends
family room decor - nautical

2019 Home Color Trends: Inspiration Pieces:

Here are some home accessories and pieces I curated from the 2019 home color trends. You may find something inspiring to add to your home's decor (Click each photo to shop). Interested in a mood board for your room renovation? Check out my Indianapolis interior Decorating or e-Design services.

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Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. You can find her hanging out on Instagram at @colorjoyinteriors or Twitter @getcolorjoy, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

  • I love Night Watch and Sorcerer’s Spell! All the colors are beautiful and I love that you have similar colors in your living room. To me, these are classic colors. They go with everything!

    • Susan Young says:

      I like the neutral colors that I can change up with holidays and seasons. I was glad to see that I was already on-trend! 🙂 The deep aqua is one of my favorite colors. Many of the paint manufacturers have similar colors for their color of the year.

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