2019 Flooring Trends and Options

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2019 Flooring trends - Indianapolis flooring - interior design Indianapolis

Want to learn what’s trending in home flooring and tile in 2019? I recently visited an Indianapolis flooring company and asked a lot of questions! Here’s what I learned about the 2019 flooring trends and what you’ll want to consider for your next home renovation:

So many options in home flooring

My head is still spinning after visiting the Castleton showroom at ICC Floors, 7226 East 87th Street in Indianapolis this month.  I was invited to their showroom after meeting with them at the Indianapolis Home Show, which I wrote about in my last post. Their project consultant, Matt, was so kind as to allow me to tour the showroom and answer all of my questions (and I had many!) So let me start by sharing with you what he shared with me as I browsed their expansive collection of home flooring. 

Luxury Vinyl: A Popular Choice

We started with the luxury vinyl selections. As Matt explained, luxury vinyl features a waterproof and scratch-resistant surface. You can install its planks directly to a level sub-floor, and the planks click together easily, and cut with a simple utility knife. Some of the designs trending in luxury vinyl include a weathered wood grain look, a tile look, and even a vinyl with the appearance of grout lines. Luxury vinyl offers an affordable option to give the appearance of tile, stone or wood. However, you’ll need to use blinds or shades to avoid the damaging effect of sunlight on your luxury vinyl. Some of the brands that offer luxury vinyl include Core Tec (a company that held the original patent for waterproof vinyl), Shaw, Mannington, Armstrong and Mohawk. 

luxury vinyl flooring trends and options

Luxury vinyl offers an affordable option for homeowners looking for durable flooring solutions.

Wood Laminate: Another Affordable Flooring Option

For the look of hardwood but with no sanding or staining, consider the easy-to-install, practical and affordable wood laminate. Laminate comes in all of the same grain patterns and colors of hardwood, and even has a “scraped” or textured look. Because it is made from layers of recycled hardwood, it is scratch-resistant and perfect for homes with pets or children. It installs easily with a lock-groove edge. However, it doesn’t have the same water resistance as luxury vinyl. 2019 flooring trends for wood laminate include a weathered, rustic look and colors that resemble the exotic hardwoods. Another surprising trend in this type of flooring includes homeowners installing it upwards – up the walls, that is. Laminate can add texture and warmth to a room when installed as a feature wall.

Engineered Hardwood: Superior and Reliable Flooring

One of the latest trends in flooring includes engineered hardwood. This is an engineered wood plank where the top layer is wood, but the layers below are stacked plywood. The benefit to this design over regular hardwood is its increased stability and less susceptibility to damage from moisture. With various thickness options (which generally helps to determine the price), engineered hardwood has a wide range of color and style options.

engineered hardwood - 2019 flooring trends

Engineered hardwood flooring like these from Elements by Kentwood offer stability with the look of hardwood, in a variety of style and color options.

2019 Flooring Trends: Eco-friendly and Exotic Woods

For some homeowners, nothing compares to the look and feel of real wood floors. There is an endless array of options in hardwood floors. Some of the trending options in flooring include the exotic woods like teak, bamboo and cork. Color and pattern trends continue along the same lines as the other flooring options. Popular options including natural-looking, weathered or white-washed woods in gray tones.

exotic hardwood floors - 2019 flooring trends

Exotic hardwoods such as these by Triangulo come in varieties such as chestnut, teak and cherry.

2019 Flooring Trends in Carpeting

While you might think that customers have abandoned carpeting all together in favor of wood flooring products, you’d be wrong. Carpeting still has its place in the home. What we’re seeing trending in this area is an expansion of colors and patterns offered to the consumer. While popular color choices for carpeting still remain fairly neutral, people are getting more creative with patterns. This creativity comes more often in small areas such as carpet runners for staircases. In addition, area rugs offer homeowners the opportunity to show their true colors and offer some visual interest. At ICC Floors, any carpet in the showroom can be custom-made into an area rug. Simply visit the showroom and select your color and pattern. The custom area rug will arrive in five to seven business days.

Area rugs from showroom carpeting

Carpeting in patterns and colors such as these could be easily made into an area rug in a few, short days. Simply select your style and size, and place the order.

Things to Consider when Buying Carpeting

It often helps when choosing carpeting to talk to the sales representative in the showroom. He or she can help you navigate all of the different options when it comes to choosing a carpet for your home. Generally, you’ll start by selecting a color range. Next, you’ll narrow your selections by price range and features. Fiber options include nylon (great for wear and durability), polyester, wool (tends to be more expensive) and silk (a softer option). Stainmaster makes many of the carpet brands’ fibers stain-resistant. In addition, there are even pet-friendly options in carpeting. On these options, the fibers have been specifically designed for pet-protection. Finally, don’t forget about carpet padding. Be sure to choose the right level to ensure comfort with every step..

pet-friendly carpet options

Carpet with this paw print seal indicates that it is made with a pet-friendly fiber.

2019 Flooring Trends: Tile

Several trends in tile flooring have emerged in the last decade. With the popularity of wood floors, homeowners seek a similar style with tiles that have a wood-look. In addition, tiles are also getting larger (as large as 12×24 sized tiles), on both the floor and the wall. In smaller spaces, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, consumers and designers have enjoyed experimenting with lively patterns on tiled floors. However, light and neutral colors are still “in” and will remain popular for years to come.

patterned floor tiles - 2019 flooring trends

Intricate tile patterns such as those shown here are becoming more popular styles for installing in small areas of the home, such as powder rooms and laundry rooms.

Pro Tip: Take Flooring Samples Home

One tip that homeowners may not be aware of are that customers can check out samples of most flooring to take home. This is a great option to allow you to match your new flooring with paint colors, furniture, cabinets or other features. Usually, you must return the samples to the store within a few days. Another thing to keep in mind when you are visiting a showroom that some flooring colors and styles may not be available to see in person. This is usually because another homeowner has borrowed the sample. However, you can find most styles and options online via the store or manufacturer’s website. Going online to view the flooring photos and options can also be also a good way to see how the flooring will look when installed.

2019 Flooring Trends: Final Thoughts

What trends have you noticed in flooring in the past year? Which trends are you excited to try? Let me know how I can help you as you navigate the wild world of flooring options available to the homeowner. A big thank-you to Matt from ICC Floors, I appreciate him taking the time to discuss all of the options and 2019 flooring trends, and helping me to understand them.

Recommended Tools for Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Installation:

Susan Young

Susan Young

Susan is a Midwest mom of two and lover of all things colorful in the home. She works with homeowners to find their unique style and color palette while keeping their budgets and lifestyles in mind. Follow her on social media, where she shares her latest colorful projects and inspirations.

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  1. You covered it all! So informative. I sold flooring for many, many years and I sold a ton of Coretec. Everything you said is spot on. I personally LOVE all the eco-friendly flooring options available these days. Great post!

    1. I know…there are so many options! Something for everyone. Eco-friendly sure is trending. So cool that you sold flooring!

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